Endodontics Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy In Oakville, ON

At Oakville Dentistry, we believe that each of our patients deserve to have a healthy and beautiful smile. With this in mind, one of the dental treatments that we offer is endodontic therapy or better known as root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is a treatment option available to save a tooth that has sustained inflammation, inflammation or damage in the pulp, which is located deep inside the tooth. To put it simply, the damaged sections inside the teeth are removed and replaced with a material to seal the tooth.

In some cases, the need for root canal therapy is not immediately apparent since there are not painful symptoms that indicates there’s an underlying infection. In patients such as these, a thorough visual exam and digital x-ray will help determine the right course of treatment.

But here are some signs and symptoms that may indicate a damaged or infected pulp:

  • Darkening of the tooth
  • High sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks
  • Swelling or tenderness in the gum tissue adjacent to a specific tooth
  • Severe, persistent toothache
  • Visible abscess on the gums

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