Smile Makeover

At Advance Medical Dental, we offer Smile Makeover or also known “smile design”. It is a dental procedure that created straighter and whither teeth.

Smile makeover can help restore your dental health and experience. The smile is quite multifaceted and it require meticulous planning to come up with an individual design for each client.

In smile makeover cases, gum tissues provide aesthetic framework and also foundation that holds the teeth and all the restorative work such as the crown, bridge and veneer. So, it is essential to begin with gum tissue assessment. We remove excess tissue, accumulation of gum tissue and re-contour existing tissues.

A times, a smile makeover may also involve other treatments before the placement of crowns or veneers. These treatments may include a combination of orthodontics (braces),

orthodontics (braces), root canal treatment and possibly periodontal surgery (esthetic crown lengthening). The objective of requiring these procedures is to increase the positive outcome of the smile makeover.

However, before going through the smile makeover it is advisable to seek advice from a periodontist to assess you goals and work with you so that you will be able to get the best possible results.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a smile makeover, contact Advance Medical Dental today.

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